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What is "buy for me" ?

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- Online shopping from a Chinese website can be complicated sometimes, such as language barrier, product consultation, navigating the website, and international logistics.

Today, our "buy for me" service is here to help you to solve the problems. With our "buy for me" service, you don't need to use the difficult Chinese system to place an order, our experienced customer service advisor can help you with product consultation, Once satisfied you can use your local currency and the most familiar payment method to place the order.

Finally, We will also provide international logistics service solutions to deliver packages to your doorsteps which allows you to shop easily and happily.

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Advantage of buy for me

Price in different currencies, accept payments via PayPal,Credit/Debit Card and etc.
Free Assistance
We help you communicate and solve product issues with suppliers and couriers.
Free Quality Check
We will check all the items before ship out. If there is a problem with any item received, such as the wrong color, damage, etc., we will return/exchange the item to the seller on your behalf.
Free Re-packing
All items will be combined into 1 package and we will provide free reinforcement and repacking for safe shipping. We also minimize the size or weight of packages to reduce shipping costs.

How does it work?

Choose a product from /, and copy the product link and paste it in the ChinaGlobalMall search bar.

1) Choose an item and click "BUY NOW" to check out an item.

2) Use "ADD TO CART" to check out multiple items.

3) When you check out your order please full fill in the delivery address then click "SUBMIT ORDER FOR QUOTE"

1) The final quote including the shipping will be sent to you via e-mail within the next 1 - 8 business hours. The quote will also indicate the alternative shipping options for you to choose from.

2) Log into your account in 1 - 8 business hours, then view your order history and you will find the "PAY NOW" button for your order.

Choose the preferred "PAYMENT METHOD" then click "CONFIRM ORDER" to make the payment for your order!

Our Shopping agents will purchase the item you ordered and process them to the warehouse.

Once the item arrives at warehouse our team will do a quality check. If any of the items received have an issue such as they are the wrong colour, damaged etc., we will exchange /return the items to the seller on your behalf, and we will make sure you're getting exactly what you have ordered.

All items will be combined into 1 package, so you can receive everything at once. We will provide free reinforcement and repacking for safe shipping. We also minimize the size or weight of packages to reduce shipping costs.

You received the package and please give a review for the order and our service.


- When you have questions about the product, the first point of contact will be direct with the seller but we are always happy to help if you cannot communicate with the seller due to language barrier
- The "buy for me" service is a service to help you with your purchase only We are not the provider of the product, so we are not responsible for product quality, after-sales, and other issues. Therefore, you should consult the seller directly if you have quality issues, returns, exchanges, after-sales, and other issues. And our customer service specialist can help you communicate with the seller if you have language issues
- We will check the product before international shipping to make sure you’re getting exactly what you have ordered. If the product you received is different from what you ordered, such as wrong size, color, style, etc., in this case, we will be responsible for it, and you can choose to re-ship or refund.
- If you find that the product is missing or damaged when you receive the package then you could choose a refund or ship you a new one. Please make sure you open the package and check that the product is in good condition before accepting the package,if the product is reported missing or damaged after the package has been accepted or delivered, no refund will be given.
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