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How to Order & Pay

Step 1. Please click "BUY NOW" to check out item or use "ADD TO CART" to check out multiple items.

Step 2. Please fulfill the "Delivery Address" and select "Shipping Method" then click "SUBMIT ORDER FOR QUOTE"

Step 3. The final quote including the shipping will be sent to you via e-mail within the next 1 - 8 business hours!
Login to your account in 1 - 8 business hours, then view your order history and you will find the “PAY NOW” button for your order.

After you received the final quote, please choose “PAYMENT METHOD” then click “ CONFIRM ORDER” to make the payment for your order!

Shopping Cart

If you are buying multiple items, no problem! All you have to do is “ADD TO CART” first and then continue your shopping.

Once you have finished your shopping you can click at the right top of the page to review all items you wish to purchase.

On the shopping cart page, you can add or change quantities, remove any items you no longer wish to purchase, or even do a partial checkout. In the end, please click “CHECKOUT”

Product Currency

The product price is listed defaulted as U..S dollars.

If you wish to change the currency, please click the currency button at the top of the page to change to your preferred currency.

Notes for Your Order

Before confirm order, you also can add the notes for your order.

Eg. If you wish to declare a certain price of your package then you can leave the notes here.