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Viewing & Changing Orders

Where to View & Change Orders

To view, and change a current order, you will need to log into your ChinaGlobalMall account first, then you can manage your changes through the “My Orders” menu.

Viewing Your Order History

You can view all of your past and present orders by clicking on, “View your order history”. Here you will be able to see all of the orders you have placed.They are sorted by, Order ID, Status, Date Added etc..

You also can click on the “View” icon for each line item ordered to review the order in detail.

On the order details page, you will be able to review all the information about your order, such as the status of your package, status of each product ordered, etc.

Changing orders

To submit a product return request, click on the “Return” icon, which is located on each line item. It is the white arrow in the red box.

After clicking on the “Return” icon, please fillout the information on the form then press “Submit”. You will then be notified via E-mail as to the status of your request.